Snowboarding and thru-hiking

I met Nacho here at USASA Snowboard Nationals in Colorado for the first time last year.  He’s a snowboard coach for the USASA Unbound Series of contests and I’m the Big Alaska Series Director and here as a snowboard official working on the boardercross course.  Nacho is a Triple Crowner and you may know his name from the photo credits of Trauma and Pepper’s historic first winter PCT trek from Canada to Mexico.  They stayed with Nacho in Mammoth and he hiked the last 20 miles to the Mexican border with them.

Nacho and I chat in the start area of the boardercross course and talk hiking while he waits with his athletes for their call to drop out of the four-across race gates onto a wild and crazy course with wutangs and bank turns while music blasts and race officials call commands on headsets and radios, ski patrollers stand by with sleds for injured riders and adrenaline and fear are nearly tangible.  I talk while managing course marshals strung out down the course and a slip crew whose task is to try to smooth out the ruts and rubble as best as possible.  It’s a gorgeous sunny day on the snow but we’re all covered up to protect us from the glare at 12,000′–hats, face masks, goggles, just noses showing.  It’s really hard to recognize people later in the day down in the village when you see their actual faces.

Nacho is so excited for my hike and shared, not advice or encouragement, but insight.  I’ll paraphrase:  “You’re going to love it!  Every day is different, some days the scenery is less interesting than others, some days will be harder than others, but you’ll keep going, it’s beautiful and amazing and you’ll get so strong.  Maybe you’ll get blisters or sore or tired, but you’ll keep going. You’ll see things you’ve never seen and you’ll keep going.  You’ll have really hard days and bad weather and really good days and you’ll keep going.  And when you get to the end, you’ll have such a feeling of confidence in yourself and accomplishment, you can’t describe it.  It’s going to be great, you’re going to love it.”

How weird is it when subcultures connect or collide?  Thru-hiking and snowboarding, what do they have in common?

One thought on “Snowboarding and thru-hiking

  1. alison, let me know you’ll be near san diego and maybe we can meet up. good luck and i hope you have a great adventure.

    john, whose cap lock feature seems to hae died

    p.s. i’m planning to launch my book around july 4th.


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