Third Time’s A Charm?

Saddlerock Canyon

4/19-22 Lordsburg to Silver City

Back on the CDT!

With just around 500 miles left of the trail to hike in Montana, I’m back in New Mexico getting my trail legs while waiting for snow to melt up north. So I’m going to pick and choose what I want to do. No thru-hiker me!

Anchorage-Phoenix-El Paso overnight, Uber -Amtrak-Lordsburg overnight, CDT NOBO.

Not bad for the first stretch–18.6, 19.1, 21.1 mile days with just a handful more today to the highway where I hitched a ride the 11 miles to town with another hiker who wanted to save her legs for trail not pavement. It is less hot with more water sources available than when the Ravens and I hiked this in 2017.

After my last post in August 2018, as planned, I went to Yosemite NP for an Enduring Volunteers work week in Tuolumne Meadows. Not only was it a great week with great people, but the Ravens hiked in and camped with us for a couple of days. When the work was done I hiked south on the JMT, just because. I love those mountains and that trail, so it was my sixth time through. Planning on something similar this August. Puff Puff has got my hopes up that she may find time from all her ocean rowing craziness to fly from the UK and hike it with me, Jim, Tom and??? I’ve got permits to head NOBO out of Horseshoe Meadows.

Although tired and sore, my “training” regimen over the winter–snowboarding 2-3 times a week, running every other day that it’s above 0*F–has worked well enough I guess. I’ve consciously carried way more water than I want to, and hydrating has kept me from the awful overheating and dizzy spells I got last year out of Grants, NM. If I’m not pounding water at night when I set up camp, that’s a sign that all is well.

Some of my gear is near the end of its useful life–the tent is on it’s second zipper and has numerous patches, the sleeping pad (Big Agnes AXL insulated–I brought it because it’s cushy and was OK in warm weather) is now in a hiker box with a note. After 3 nights sleeping cold since the pad conducted ground cold really well, I’ve replaced it with a NeoAir XLite Women’s that will be warmer for this cold sleeper. My beloved Jetboil Sol Ti has to be lit with a match since the little sparker thingie just can’t be fixed anymore. Note to self: buy more matches or a lighter. And I’m really happy with the new fanny pack, or bum bag as Puff Puff would call it, that holds the days food and other necessities. All the cool kids carry them.

I’ve met hikers too! Chances are slim that I’ll see them much since I’m not attempting a thru, but that doesn’t take away the joy of community. Where in the World is CARMEN San Diego (look for her on YouTube), Rain Dance (originally from Iran), Sea Legs (an Observer who’s been in Alaska the last 5 years), Nick and Dan who partnered up on Day 1 at Crazy Cook, and Heather who hitched into town with me. I tell them my plan this year and try not to spoil the trail ahead for them since I’ve done it before, but I can’t help but say, over and over, how incredible and varied and beautiful and wild and full of history New Mexico is.

Out of Lordsburg