Getting Ready

Gear lists, resupply, training: there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of us getting ready for thru-hiking the PCT this year. Just check out the blogs linked through the Trail Journals page on the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) website.

I’ve been reading PCT blogs and books since 2012, dozens of which pretty much sounded the same and included similar images (mile 100 written in white stones and gnarly bleeding and/or blistered feet). I’d quit following when the blogger got too whiny, too wordy, or just sounded too much like a dozen others. The blogs I stuck with last year were unique–Loveline’s humor, Carrot Quinn’s writing, Captains of Us photos and positive attitude, and SlowBro’s daily, brief, matter of fact journal.  I hope the stories I tell will add texture and color to all the other stories out there this year about hiking the PCT, while maybe revealing why my unimpressed grownup kids describe me as either bad ass or crazy.

I intend to update this blog every week or two, and I hope my readers explore other PCT Class of 2015 blogs. Unless I develop an irresistible compulsion to share the details of my gear, food and resupply information, don’t expect to find it here.  Really the trip is about walking, a lot of walking, for a really long time. I can’t wait.

My start date is April 12.

Meanwhile I’ve got some snowboarding to attend to.

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