Heading South

Tarcey and me, taking a break on the Alyeska tram deck on my last day snowboarding for the season
Slide Rule
Tarcey and Rick at my farewell dinner

April 18, 2017

After two wonderful weeks at USASA Snowboarding and Freeskiing Nationals in Copper Mountain, Colorado, I flew home to Alaska for a few days to complete my prep for the CDT and to enjoy spring snowboarding at Alyeska. Although this winter has had better snow conditions than the last three, we pay our dues—ice, cold, wind, exposed rocks—and the spring sun and soft snow is our reward. So fun!

A long day of air travel, the usual uneventful and uncomfortable experience, Anchorage to Seattle to Phoenix to El Paso brought me to a motel for the night. Next a cab ride to Amtrak and the train to Lordsburg, NM, followed by a mile walk to another motel. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! Shuttle to Crazy Cook and the hike begins! The Raven family will be on my shuttle.

I am going to try to take more photos this hike, particularly more photos of people which is outside my comfort zone so bear with me as I try to figure it out.

4 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. Go Alison. I still hope to catch up with you when you get to Colorado. Went skiing Sunday and yesterday, I love spring skiing. My fractured leg seems to be ok, so I’ll be able to do some hiking this summer. Woohoo!


  2. Hi my friend. I love to spend Sunday morning coffee time catching up with those I hold dear. I find myself re-reading your old posts while waiting to hear about the next steps in your journey. Thank you for your beautiful way of articulating the emotions and thought processes of trail life. Now that you are physically there, I hope your new journey is blessing you more with wonder and joy, less with fear and trepidation. Walk safely on my friend, and write well so that those of us who, for a myriad of reasons, cannot be hiking, can join you.
    and rick says thank you! He is admiring all the benefits, now that I remembered where I stashed it!


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