10 thoughts on “Wahoo!

  1. Well done! What an accomplishment for the two of you – both directions! It feels as if I have been with you on the trail, and I thank you for that. Best wishes!


  2. Alison, congratulations on your completion of the PCT. I maintain a website (a labor of love) with stories and photos from the PCT. My real preference would be to have you write about your return to the trail to complete the PCT this year. My second choice would be for me to take some photos and text from your blog to create a post. I would give you full credit and link to your website for all posts.


  3. Congratulations again Alison! I’ve enjoyed following along with your blog for the past two seasons. I’m looking forward to your next adventure. Keep on trekking and writing.


  4. Just came across your blog via The PC Trailside reader. Quite the accomplishment to finish the PCT in each direction in consecutive years. David Odell AT71 PCT72 CDT72. From Kodiak.


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