Chester to I-80


We had a zero in Chester because I had to pickup resupply boxes at the post office. There was a delay as one was in that days delivery. We waited forever for a hitch out of town and so got a late start towards the half way point. Hail beat us up for a couple of hours, huge big pellets that left me too cold to open the ammo box that houses the halfway register at Mile 1325.   Then it quit, the day turned warm again and Northern California reminded me of how beautiful the views are along the Pacific Crest.

The next day we pushed to get to real food in Belden, my longest mileage this year:28.9. It was worth it. Quiet little place mid week, just 4 hikers and 4 construction crew.  Saw Ninja Tortoise heading north just a few miles from Belden.  Last time I saw him was in Washington north of Harts Pass.

The hike out of Belden was as hard as I dreaded, uphill forever. That night as I lay in the dark, I listened to snorts in the dark. We decided that since there were no elk around, it must be deer.  Jorts camped nearby, he took a week off trail to heal up and was resuming big miles to get to Tuolumne Meadows to meet a friend who is going to hike the JMT with him.

Day 4 I lost my second toenail of the hike, my foot looks much better.  Seriously I wrote this down as a highlight of the day.

Day 6 we dropped into Sierra City and stayed at River Run, a home stay with an absentee owner.  There was a wedding and all the motels were booked.  Susan returned my call, took my info and we rented a room in her house.  Amazing, trust in an unknown pair of hikers.  It was the magic words, “We are a couple of PCT southbound hikers looking for a place to stay,” that made her call back.  Thank you!  As many have said, hiking this trail renews my faith in the goodness of people.

More deer in the night. Thought I would wake up to one curled up next to my tent.  Munching pee spots?  Why are they out at night?

A short day, 18 miles, to I-80 and a warm welcome by Corey.  Picked us up, took us shopping and eating, put us up for the night and dropped us back at the trail with the intention of hiking in the next day for a little backpacking trip of his own.

3 thoughts on “Chester to I-80

  1. Thanks for the pics and narrative, always entertaining. Looks like you are making some good mileage. You really are an inspiration Catwater!


  2. You have wings on your heels girlfriend. Unbelievable the miles you are covering.
    Looking forward to picking you up in TM. Got the beer chilling already!


  3. Hey Catwater, I’ll see you soon in Mammoth. No more work until November 10 (Opening Day 2016-17 Ski Season) but plenty of other stuff to do!


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