PCT Mexico to Canada: I did it!

Berry filled bear napping on a ledge above the trail out of Stehekin
One of the hundreds of Blue Grouse loitering around begging me to bean them with a rock and cook them on my Jetboil
At the Monument
Quick 5 mile hike into Msnning Park, woohoo!

I’ll catch up the blogs, but I reached the Northern Terminus of the PCT September 22 and hiked into Manning Park this morning. Woohoo!!!

12 thoughts on “PCT Mexico to Canada: I did it!

    • Washington was really, really tough. What motivated me was knowing I have so many people who knew I could do it. How could I say to you, Noreen, I quit because I was too cold, wet, and tired? Thank you for your belief in me! I beat the odds and finished the trail! I’ll never have to explain why I didn’t.


  1. I knew you would do it, too!!!!! Yay, yippee, hot diggety dog, and woohoo! I know the rain, cold, and smoke were bad in Washington but you made it! Let’s see, what’s next? Canada to Mexico, or Appalachian Trail? Rest up, eat some real food, and drink some IPA’s. Love, Boo-Boo.

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  2. Oh that last day or two was shear nail chewing enthusiasm on my part for you! Catwater you are such an incredible athlete!! Can’t wait for the stories!! HUGE HUGS!!!


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