Celebrity Status

Uranium water
Uranium water

May 28
PCT Mile 745-ish

Me and Noreen!
Tom “Lonesome Duck”, Sunset Jim, Catwater,  Noreen

Caught a ride into Lake Isabella with trail angel Root Beer Sue, who is supporting her hiker husband, Eeyore. Picked up resupply, cleaned up, charged up a zillion devices–phone, battery chargers, inReach–and made a plan to get back to the trail 35 miles east the next morning. Kevin had started hiking where Cheryl did and was going to let his thru-hiking son catch up to him in Kennedy Meadows. We caught a $1 Kern County bus to Onyx at 6:10 am. Uh huh, me, I did that. Because it was Thursday, the bus didn’t go all the way back to the trail, so we hitched. Kevin had made a very nice cardboard sign, “PCT HIKERS TO TRAIL.” I barely had time to pet the very first living kitty I’d seen since beginning this hike, when a woman screeched to a halt in the middle of the highway. My age, Beth was so excited to give us a ride that she was literally shaking with joy. Her husband always picked up hikers but we were her first. When she let us out, Kevin went up the trail but I had to backtrack 0.7 miles to restart hiking where I’d left off. Later in Kennedy Meadows, I confessed to Kevin that I gave him a trail name in the hiker registers–Hitch Bait. He likes it.

On this stretch I drank spring water contaminated with traces of uranium, spring water dripping from a broken off, rusty pipe dripping into the usual rotting concrete tank next to the derelict Fox Mill (looks like a gold stamp mill), clear water from a trickle of a algae covered creek and water from a completely empty BLM campground with a single faucet approximately a 1000 miles from the trail ( any of you tracking me now know one of the reasons I seem to wander way off from time to time).

Living cat
Living cat
Fox Mill spring area, I camped amongst the artifacts, how sweet is that?
Fox Mill spring area, I camped amongst the artifacts, how sweet is that?
Fox Mill artifact
Rusty metal objects, love 'em.
Rusty metal objects, love ’em, but see the obsidian flakes mixed in too?

I made it to Kennedy Meadows where I was greeted by friends Noreen from Yosemite, Jim and Tom from LA, Tom’s daughters Colleen and Maggie, and Maggie’s beau Bryson.  We camped and they fed me and Jim brought my new tent, Big Agnes Copper Spur 1, and Noreen gave me food and beer, and at night Maggie and Colleen sang the most beautiful tunes as I lay in my tent, and they fed me some more.  I hung out at the Kennedy Meadows General Store with lots of hikers who tend to take a day or two off to prepare for the big passes of the Sierra.  Bear canisters, mini crampons, warm layers and even more calories are all shipped to this hiker friendly launch pad for the real mountains.

There were rumors and panic amongst some of the hikers.  “Blue Moon and Scarecrow are hitching to Reno, and hiking north from Soda Springs.  They’ll flip back when the snow is gone.”  Umm, really?  “Someone died on Forrester Pass.” “Wow, who? A hiker? A climber?” “We don’t know.  But we’re getting a ride to Mammoth.  We’ll flip back when the snow is gone.”  Lots of hikers just hit the trail to get away from the tension, as others walked in, to be pulled into the rumors and speculation.  No internet, no authority to set it straight. A few hitched the hour to Lone Pine to try to get facts.  One of these, Bender, an AT hiker and someone I’ve known here awhile, I met in Lone Pine as he headed back on trail to tackle the biggest pass, Forrester, and maybe Mt Whitney, after getting good information about weather and snowpack.

Anyway, I said goodbye to my trail angels–thanks again guys!–and headed into the Sierra, at last!  I made my first big goal, I thrived and survived the first 702 miles and am back home in, more or less, the Range of Light.  Granite, water, altitude, trees, mountains for hundreds of miles.  I told Dan, if I die up here, no body retrieval, roll me in a crack and save the kids from having to read “Lonesome Dove” followed by scattering my ashes along the John Muir Trail.  Heh heh, seriously.

8 thoughts on “Celebrity Status

  1. Yay, finally somebody’s using the correct plural form of ‘Sierra’ w/o adding an “s” (our college profs always insisted on this, & would have fits if we forgot).

    I’m a big fan of no fuss funerals, too, Alison. Way to go. Just keep on the trail and try to bulk up so we won’t have to!

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  2. Alison, thanks for sharing your adventure. It was neat to see some of the YA/YC crew. Good luck in the mountains.I will be in Yosemite for a week beginning August 29th. Where will you be by then?



  3. Hey Catwater…Nick Danger here. Great job on the trail. You are a beast. This brings back our conversation about how many pieces of toilet paper to carry and Big Agness. My trail name going through Oregon was Blow Out…Every time I went up hill I farted all the way. Jackie always took the lead to avoid being gassed. I ran in to a guy named NoCar. He never got in a car the entire length of the trail. Also ran in to a gal named Uber Bitch. Apparently she up and left her husband and family and hit the trail. Do you think you might do a yo-yo like Scott Williamson? Let us know when you get to Ashland and we can pick you up for a zero day. Most hikers hit Ashland around the 4th of July so we will be following your progress.


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